Friday, March 28, 2008

Doodle and Bear...Too Cute!!!

Doodle spent the night last night and the girls (mainly Doodle and Bear!) had a blast. THey now have someone who likes to dress up as much as they do! Pixie is not quite up to their level yet! ANyway, they started sleeping in the tent we had in Bear and Pixie's room, but when Jerry went to check on them 30 minutes later (it took 30 minutes for them to stop giggling!) They had migrated to the bed! I had to take a pic, it was so cute!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Week...

Well, I am trying to update at least once a week so here goes. We had a good weekend, St. Patty's Day parade yesterday, party for my friend, Caroline's little girl and then dinner with friends. Didn't get home til close to 11 and still had stuff to do for today, the Graves' Easter since both Jerry and I and Bobbles and Tia are going to our other family's house. I was exhausted when we got home so I rested with the kids and then did what I have been meaning to do for 3 weeks, chunk some stuff from their rooms. Bear is OBSESSED with Barbies, whether they be the Princess barbies or actual Barbies. Our neighbors daughter had outgrown hers so gave the girls a bunch of hers but that combined with the ones she keeps getting were just too much! Got rid of about half of those plus a plethora of stuffed animals before the onslaught from my parents with Easter and Pixie's birthday. I am sure by June I will have to do this again. SO I did that and while picking up looked under the couches. OMG, YUCK!!! Dust all over the place, so I proceeded to spend the next several hours vacuuming and mopping the hard floors. Gonna have to do it anyway for Pixie's party!

So this leads to some goals I am setting for myself. I get so overwhelmed with everything that I don't have time for anything! So here goes:

1. I am going to start Flylady again. I still get the emails, I just delete them b/c I don't have time to look at them but I only half assed did it before. I need to do something b/c typically I try and do it all at once and nothing gets done well so we will see.

2. Go through clutter in the house every 3 months and get rid of it (i.e. garage sale, charity). We have so much stuff we don't need. I have already started this and the garage is getting packed so I think I will have to have one soon! Maybe next week when I am off!

3. Scrapbook at least 2 pages per week per child. I felt like such a shit mom. I have TONS of pics of the girls but nothing to show them. The girl I work with said for each of her kids, when growing up, they would look through their albums on their birthday. Have to get going!

4. Start gardening. I thought this would be a fun thing to do with the kids. I have a black thumb so we will see!

5. Geaux green:) I am really trying, I keep a bag in the kitchen for recyclables and if it has the symbol, it goes in.

6. Learn more about my video/digital/film camera. I want to take better pics of the kids. I see everyone with these awesome pics but I can't seem to mimic them. I will try harder:)

Anyway, that is just the small list! I will add on as needed! Love to all! A

Sunday, March 09, 2008


So it is official. Bear will go to school at Sacred Heart. I was so psyched when I got the letter and then she didn't get into to Aloysius but it was all about the fact that we weren't parishoners. I was already wondering what I would say to her if she went to Aloysius anyway. She had gone to visitation at Sacred Heart. It was hard to explain to a 4 year old that she MIGHT go to school here. So we have a new parent supper in April where we get to meet the pre-K staff and get all the info. I am really excited. It is such a good school!

Anyway, I am super psyched about my raise, Jerry is doing well at work so hopefully 2008 will be good for us! The pennington thing is killing me sometimes. One day I will do excellent and then the next I want to eat everything under the sun! I do particularly bad at parties. It is like I just can't help myself! Anyway, have lost around 16 pounds so I feel good except when I eat like crap. I can usually start eating better the next day. Try not to let it frustrate me. I do get tired of not just eating what I want sometimes! For some reason, I really want fried fish right now and God help me with the drinking. I don't necesarily want it, but if I have one glass it just snowballs. Is it wrong to want to drink so much!:)

Anyway, have a great week everyone and I will expect double posts from Mouse this week. How is it that you don't have kids, yet you post less than everyone and get on me for my lack of posts:)!!! Life is not good if one cannot mess with the mouse every once in awhile!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Woo Hoo!!!

Week is almost over and Bear got into Pre-K!!!! Woo Hoo! Oh, and I am getting a raise next year AND I might be head librarian b/c my co-worker may be moving to Chicago! Abbreviated version...will write more later!!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I've Been Meme'd!!!

I have been accused of slacking by mouse (I am sticking out my tongue at you!) and have been instructed to do this. It will probably be boring b/c I mainly post about my kids! Plus I am boring and don't know that many bloggers! If this doesn't make sense I have been up since 7 am church going, park hopping, cleaning, cooking and Easter egg making! It is 9pm Central time and I am pooped! And I don't think I understand this fully b/c I am old...and tired. There is a good reason moi has been slacking of late...NO TIME!!! Here goes!

It’s the "My Post" Meme!

**The Rules**

1. Post about the meme and link back to the person who tagged you.

2. Go back through your archives and link to your five favorite posts.

*Link One: must be about family.
*Link Two: must be about friends
*Link Three: must be about yourself
*Link Four: must be about something you love
*Link Five: can be anything you choose.

Tag 5 other people (2 being people you would like to get to know better)

One: My Family

Ok, I basically just write about my kids so I'll give you this one and this one.

Two: My Friends:

I apparently talk about my kids and just bitch about things b/c I can't find one of these! Working on it. This is the best I can do!

Three: Myself

Ok, this shows how aggravated I can get with stupidity. Sorry, I got nothing! It's not really about me but one aspect of my personality. It makes me laugh when I read it. YES, I am a big dork!

Four: Something I love

How is this and this!

Five: Anything

This says it all, no!

This took me an hour! I have a headache and can't think so I will tag 5 people tomorrow! Love y'all!