Saturday, December 06, 2008

Is It Christmas? Really?

I don't know why, but I don't feel like Christmas is just a few weeks away! Probably because I am a SEVERE slacker and haven't gotten any of my Christmas stuff down and have no Christmas shopping done! We don't even have a tree! I know, I suck! And of course we have THREE birthday parties this weekend! Ok, really two. Jerry is taking Pixie to one today and I am taking Bear to one and the J's party for both of them tomorrow. Sometimes it seems like our life is an endless string of parties and gatherings! I just want to go to bed! And right now, I am "monitoring" the library for the placement test at school. I say "monitoring" because it's not like I am actually doing much of anything! Watching parents who are waiting for their kids to take the test! So I sit here...and wait! Fun Times! I also have a headache being that I drank too much last night and was still a bit tipsy when I woke up at 6:30!!!

So other than party central not much going on. I am still obsessed with Twilight! Going to see it again tomorrow with Jen for "my birthday"! Yes, I know! My birthday is not for another week, but damn it! I want to see it again so I will come up with any excuse! And then I promise I won't see it again until the DVD comes out and then my obsession will begin anew! I am very ready for Christmas. Just a full week of school, then a week of half days for exams and then Christmas. Not looking forward to my birthday. Celebrating...yes. Actually turning 34...not so much! Altough I have to say, I am grateful that I am vain as I am (really not much, but just enough!) after looking at some of these moms waiting for their 13 year olds to take this placement test. They look really OLD and I think it has more to do with that they obviously DO NOT take care of themselves. I really hope I don't look like this in 10 years!

Sorry, that was bitchy and I am sure I will be punished in some way for that comment! Karma is a bitch! Anyway, another hour! I guess I need to go and re-read Eclipse!