Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Week...

Well, I am trying to update at least once a week so here goes. We had a good weekend, St. Patty's Day parade yesterday, party for my friend, Caroline's little girl and then dinner with friends. Didn't get home til close to 11 and still had stuff to do for today, the Graves' Easter since both Jerry and I and Bobbles and Tia are going to our other family's house. I was exhausted when we got home so I rested with the kids and then did what I have been meaning to do for 3 weeks, chunk some stuff from their rooms. Bear is OBSESSED with Barbies, whether they be the Princess barbies or actual Barbies. Our neighbors daughter had outgrown hers so gave the girls a bunch of hers but that combined with the ones she keeps getting were just too much! Got rid of about half of those plus a plethora of stuffed animals before the onslaught from my parents with Easter and Pixie's birthday. I am sure by June I will have to do this again. SO I did that and while picking up looked under the couches. OMG, YUCK!!! Dust all over the place, so I proceeded to spend the next several hours vacuuming and mopping the hard floors. Gonna have to do it anyway for Pixie's party!

So this leads to some goals I am setting for myself. I get so overwhelmed with everything that I don't have time for anything! So here goes:

1. I am going to start Flylady again. I still get the emails, I just delete them b/c I don't have time to look at them but I only half assed did it before. I need to do something b/c typically I try and do it all at once and nothing gets done well so we will see.

2. Go through clutter in the house every 3 months and get rid of it (i.e. garage sale, charity). We have so much stuff we don't need. I have already started this and the garage is getting packed so I think I will have to have one soon! Maybe next week when I am off!

3. Scrapbook at least 2 pages per week per child. I felt like such a shit mom. I have TONS of pics of the girls but nothing to show them. The girl I work with said for each of her kids, when growing up, they would look through their albums on their birthday. Have to get going!

4. Start gardening. I thought this would be a fun thing to do with the kids. I have a black thumb so we will see!

5. Geaux green:) I am really trying, I keep a bag in the kitchen for recyclables and if it has the symbol, it goes in.

6. Learn more about my video/digital/film camera. I want to take better pics of the kids. I see everyone with these awesome pics but I can't seem to mimic them. I will try harder:)

Anyway, that is just the small list! I will add on as needed! Love to all! A


Jenn_N_Luc said...

What is flylady??

mamaof2girls said...

I'll send you the link. It is a way to organize your house and in turn your life! Way to help you do babysteps with cleaning/organizing housework and clutter in your life/house! I need it. I try and do everything at once and then get overwhelmed with the fact that I get none of it done!

mariposa said...

Sounds like you've got a great plan! FlyLady can really help out - if you at least do the routines. It's been my sanity! They have some radio shows that really help out.

Good luck on all your projects!