Sunday, March 09, 2008


So it is official. Bear will go to school at Sacred Heart. I was so psyched when I got the letter and then she didn't get into to Aloysius but it was all about the fact that we weren't parishoners. I was already wondering what I would say to her if she went to Aloysius anyway. She had gone to visitation at Sacred Heart. It was hard to explain to a 4 year old that she MIGHT go to school here. So we have a new parent supper in April where we get to meet the pre-K staff and get all the info. I am really excited. It is such a good school!

Anyway, I am super psyched about my raise, Jerry is doing well at work so hopefully 2008 will be good for us! The pennington thing is killing me sometimes. One day I will do excellent and then the next I want to eat everything under the sun! I do particularly bad at parties. It is like I just can't help myself! Anyway, have lost around 16 pounds so I feel good except when I eat like crap. I can usually start eating better the next day. Try not to let it frustrate me. I do get tired of not just eating what I want sometimes! For some reason, I really want fried fish right now and God help me with the drinking. I don't necesarily want it, but if I have one glass it just snowballs. Is it wrong to want to drink so much!:)

Anyway, have a great week everyone and I will expect double posts from Mouse this week. How is it that you don't have kids, yet you post less than everyone and get on me for my lack of posts:)!!! Life is not good if one cannot mess with the mouse every once in awhile!


mariposa said...

Congrats all around. Bear will be happy and raises are always nice. You get a little extra room to breathe. I'm sure it's hard to limit eating - not fun. But it's for the greater good of science... ha ha ha! Actually it's cool b/c Pennington studies are mentioned in a lot of the health magazines - so to be a part of that is cool.

mamaof2girls said...

THey actually keep telling us how we will be famous! Obviously our names won't be mentioned but the medical results. That really doesn't help when I want to drink myself into a stupor!

mariposa said...

I'm not even in a health study and I want to do that... You'll be famous dahlink!

Jenn_N_Luc said...

Yea for Clare! Oh to be young and excited to be going to Pre K! :-) Don't you wish our lives were that simple??

BTW...going to dinner on Wednesday night.

Have a good week.