Thursday, December 20, 2007

We Are Not All Inbred Morons, I Swear!

You know I was going to have an opinion about it!!! You know it!!! Anyone that knows me knows how I feel about Britney Spears. She can't sing and her music typically is trite and kind of stupid, which is why mostly young teens liked her the first go round. Everyone blamed K-Fed when she self imploded, but after her sister's news to OK magazine, I think we all know it is not him (even though he is obviously a loser) but the wacked out family genes that played a role in her insane behavior. I mean really, how many times in a day do you really need to go to Starbucks??!!

And here I thought the little sister was a bit more level headed. On one hand, I feel sorry for her b/c there are plenty of 16 year olds that get pregnant every year. I mean if you think they aren't haveing sex, you are stupid. But I would hope that she, being that she does have a job would have been more careful, I mean Hello, birth control!

And then, Mama Lynn's parenting book is now indefinately on hold. Hmmm, wonder why! THis is my favorite quote from the superficial regarding this topic:

"Delayed indefinitely (adj.): Describes a project that will never see the light of day (i.e. cancelled) due to unforeseen, yet kind of predictable, circumstances such as 1. teenage pregnancy. 2. grandchild left overnight at a petting zoo. 3. perpetual vaginal flashing by one’s offspring."

And by the way, not everyone from Louisiana acts this way. Kentwood is practically in Mississippi anyway! Most of the state is pretty embarrased these idiots are from here. I love Lynn's comment that Brittany's behavior is her fault b/c she couldn't be on the road with her while Brit was touring and watch out for her. She had other kids to raise. HELLO!!! Don't let her tour!!!!! This isn't rocket science lady. You either keep her home and only let her tour during the summers when everyone can go and you don't let her do it until she has become a responsible adult (which may have not been possible seeing as who her parents are!!). I mean look at her, panty flashing, not giving a rat's ass about her kids! That is your fault Lynn. You placed yourself above your children and this is what you got. This wasn't about you couldn't be on tour b/c of your other kids. It was b/c you knew she was your cash cow. Has either of these girls ever felt like they had someone who loved them for themselves?? Why did you have children at all??? I saw some show on VH1 a few years ago called DRIVEN, where all the people around the famous person talks about how they got where they are. Lynn actually said, when Brittany was little, like 7 or 8 they would drive fromKentwood to Lafayette 2 times a week so she could take dancing at the best school. Ok, for those of you not from here, Kentwood is like 2 hours away from Baton Rouge and Lafayette is another 1-1 1/2 hours away depending on where in Lafayette you are going. Why are you driving that far for a 7 year old to take dancing, twice a week???!!! B/c you a HORRIBLE stage mom who wants all their money!!!

Ok, enough about that. I have to work!!! My last day before Christmas break. Woo Hoo!!!


MeMe said...

I was waiting to see what you your were going to say about little sis!!

mariposa said...

Need new post woman!