Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh, E-ooo, You Suck

For all of you not able to hear the student section at the LSU-South Carolina game! This is a new cheer...sort of! The students also went with F--- Spurrier! I am sorry,too funny!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Getting older just sucks because then you have to deal with reality and unfortunately that includes our own mortality. We had acquaintances of ours lose their son to suicide this summer, a number of colleagues have lost parents but today was even more sad. Jerry's co-worker's
10-year old daughter had a brain aneurysm at school today. She died this afternoon. And it is so scary because that is something that could happen to anyone, its not preventable. Put a fence around the pool, lock all your cabinets, keep small pieces away from the babies, but it doesn't seem to matter. This morning these parents had a sweet, loving ,10-year old daughter; tonight they go to bed with the heartrending knowledge that their only daughter is dead. Go home and hug your kids tonight. I know I am going to...