Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I know I suck...

So, very sorry for the delay but blogger doesn't always work with the filter at school and forget posting anything at home! My children are all consuming. E is such a ball of energy. I am told it is becasue I am a spaz, but I don't think I ever had this kind of energy she has! I don't even remember C having this much energy. Then again when C was E's age, I was preoccupied with a 1 month old so that could skew my memory a bit. We went to a pottery store the other day OMG! The child would go from one thing to the next; play with a toy, take off after a piece of pottery, that gets taken away, go into the room where the items are kept for pick-up, try to climb onto the bottom shelf of a wire cart... and on and on! I am exhasuted just talking about it.

But the kids are good. C is understanding so much now. She remembers what she hears us talking about so we have to watch what we say around here b/c the likliehood of her repeating it is great! E is talking in bits and pieces. She can say puppy, mama, daddy, thank you, please, ball and other things. Just getting so big. Potty training has been ceased for the time being. C regressed when we went on our cruise so I am trying to wait until after Christmas. One of Jerry's cousins who has a 3 year old told his mom he would be 5 until he is potty trained! Love it! Kids are such a hoot.

So here are a few pics. Claire has talked about going to see Santa but when we went to a breakfast with Santa she refused to talk to him. Santa came over Sunday to the Comeaux party at her house and she was so excited! She couldn't wait to sit in his lap! E on the other hand, not liking it so much.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!