Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Ok, I was reading one of my professional journals and there is a column where people may write in their questions regarding censorship. One of the questions was from a middle school librarian at an affluent private school-doesn't say where. A teacher wants to teach a certain book at school about the bombing of the 16th street Baptist Church in Birmingham in 1965 and an African American parent who is also a lawyer doesn't want it taught b/c SHE DOESN'T WANT HER DAUGHTER TO KNOW THAT THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT TOOK PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wha..... I can't even fathom what this person's reasoning is! Like she won't know from stuff like, you know Black History Month? The World!!!! Seriously, does someone know of a reason not to allow your child to know that this VERY influential and groundbreaking movement took place. I had to read the question like 5 times!


No not about my job for once, just about stupid people in general. I was looking at a blog that is suppose to be good for reviewing kid lit and the first thing they are talking about is the book Jenna Bush is writing. Why is it ok to bash someone who is only famous because of her parents? The only thing that I have ever heard about the Bush twins is the underage drinking stories. I am sorry. Even underprivilege kids do that! Big woop! But to basically make fun of someone because who their father is, in my mind, is cruel and just plain rude. She was born into money (not her choice), she was born to a doofus (not her choice), and she was thrust into the public eye (not her choice). So what exactly has she done to warrant people making fun of her or her intellect. Seriously, could someone tell me if there is a story about her where she appears to be really stupid. The media always portrays her as the dumb one and Barbara as the smart one but I don't know why.

And why is it that the liberals are always the first to yell at the rich for not doing enough but when they do stuff, unless they are in Hollywood, it is made fun of? She is working as an unpaid ambassador to UNICEF in Panama. What more does she need to do? Shave her head and move to a third world country that needs aid? I am just saying to give the girl a break.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Just 11 Weeks Left...

I can't believe it but the school year is almost over! Man does time fly! And we actually only have 10 weeks because 1 of those weeks is Easter Break...Woo Hoo!

So I haven't written lately b/c I am super tired when I get home and at work I don't think about it. As irritating as the guys can be sometimes (hello, teenage boys!) they are sooooooooo much better than Connie Francis or the Serial Sleeper. Sure, some of them act like my 3 year old but what male doesn't act like that at least once a day? Really. I'm serious.

So the kiddos are getting too big. E is talking so much, it is hard to believe she will be 2 in May! And we finally have the potty training down with C. As frustrating as it was, everything I heard about it being like a light switch was true. I tried a new tatic with her over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and she had 1-2 accidents a day for about a week and then it was like she had been going on the potty forever. I don't even care about the nightime yet. Give me 6 months of not changing her diapers first before I tackle that obstacle!

Will try and post pics of them soon.