Thursday, January 31, 2008

What is My Path?

I know my four-year-old is listening. But I don't always allow it into my consciousness. I don't want to think about her growing up, but I do. Life is full of these contridictions, and it only worsens when you are a parent. Last night, I was lying in the bed with the girls, I was reading a cookbook and they were watching Pochahontas. I was only half listening; it was at the beginning when she is telling her father about her dream, he is talking about the man that has asked for her hand in marriage and then there is a some dialogue about her path. Which one should she take. Her father tells her she must choose her own path. It goes on from there. Now I am only half listening and then Bear looks up at me and asks, "Mama, what will my path be?" I told her that would be for her to decide and she asked if I would help her and I told her of course, both Daddy and I would help her but she would have to choose the path herself. And the whole time I am like, WHOA! Am I really having this discussion with my four year-old!!?? They are so smart and so intutitive, we really don't give them enough credit. She of course then says she thinks she will be able to find it on her own, without our help. We will see, huh?

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mariposa said...

They are too wise beyond our years!