Friday, July 18, 2008

Wrap Up

I can't believe the summer is in the last third of being over! I go back to work in 3 weeks and bear starts Pre-K the Monday after that. We also had a good time at the wedding, the kids especially enjoyed the reception. Well, I say the kids, Pixie was having one meltdown after the other! But on the whole the dancing, cake and doughnuts proved to be their favorite parts. That and my "beautiful green dress", Tia's (Bear speaking) "big beautiful hair, ("Mama, I never have seen Tia's hair so big and beautiful") and the Mouse dress!

On a different note, Jerry is not allowed to pick the hotel we stay in anymore. I am a bit of a ding dong, and you know, trust that the hotel staff won't rifle through my stuff but in fact, when we went to eat breakfast (since that was the only time I left my purse in the room unattended) they stole my 2 debit cards and my Exxon card. When I got home, there was a charge from McDonald's for $30! Never in my life have I spent that much at Mcdonald's unless it was like for more than 5 people. Not to mention that fact that the only time I went to Mickey D's that week was with Ma Mere and Paw Paw on the way up and Paw Paw was generous enough to pay for it! THen yesterday, I was looking to see if a check had cleared in my separate account and there was a $75 charge at a Sunco station. So I had to dispute all this junk and hopefully will get my money back. Why does all this weird ass stuff happen to me!

So tomorrow it is off to Milwaukee at 6am for Jerry's conference. I am worried about the eating thing but am going to try and relax since I don't have much longer left for that. I am actually going to be in charge and have someone to supervise! I have never had to do this before so it should be interesting!

And I would upload pics of the kids, alas I have no camera! I really hate being broke!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Time For Some Campaignin'

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