Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Joys of Bear and Pixie...

Well, I am such a dork! A song come on the radio this weekend called "Stealin' Cinderella" and I turn into a blubbering fool. It is about a guy who is meeting his girlfriend's dad to ask for her hand in marriage and he is waiting in the living room for the dad and sees all of these pictures of her when she was little, "playing Cinderella/riding her first bike/ jumping on the bed looking for a pillow fight/running through the sprinkler with a big Popsicle grin/ dancing with her daddy, looking up at him/". Cried when I heard it, cried when I emailed yesterday and was bawling when I put the girls to bed last night. Jerry thought it was amusing. "Are you pregnant?", he asked laughing! No I am not but I have decided I need 2 more kids, not just one. And he did not argue!

Pixie is talking so much right now and understanding so much! The other day, I called her my little peanuckle, just a random term of endearment I made up when Bear was a baby. From her car seat I hear an indignant little voice, "No mama, I not peanuckle, I pixie!" I also told her later she was wild, and I got the same response, " No mama, I a pixie!!!" She is so full of energy and so precious! I love my Bear and Pixie so much!!

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MeMe said...

We are all so blessed with our children! It is amazing how fast they grow!!