Monday, June 30, 2008

Ah, The Things Kids Say....

Your life is complete after your 4 year old (who just was told she did a good job cleaning up, not a great job like her sister) tells you "You don't love me anymore! You don't love me like you used to!" Ah, kids!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Little Late with the Pics...

So we have no digital camera due to the fact that some little hands got hold of ours one too many times and dropsys occurred so I had to wait until I sent pics to snapfish to get developed from my film camera( notice I said I had to wait until I sent the film! I am lazy, sue me!) Anyway, here is a pic of my 3year old and the Tinkerbell cake I made. It isn't perfect, but she loved it and being that I only do this like twice a year, I thought it turned out pretty nice!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

So I suck!

Ok, it has been like a month with no updates. I have been super busy and am kind of tired so I will make it quick. School was over on May 22. I am the head librarian next year. I got my test for my certification results back...finally! They said it would take 4 weeks and I got it the day before it would have been 5! I know it was only a week but when I signed up for the test I did not know the head librarian wasn't coming back and it was just another stressor. But it is over now and I am good for 5 years!

I took a week long class last week that basically was like taking a semester class in a week, VERY taxing and intense. It was for Media services for young adolescents, middle school, which is a bit out of my relam but it was interesting and has shifted what I think my focus needs to be for next year. I have so many ideas and I'm not sure if any of them will work. I think I'm just going to concentrate on surviving next year!

Anyway, Bear is done with dancing for the year and Pixie is basically potty trained, wearing panties most of the time thank God! I know have to come up with some fun stuff that doesn't cost anything to do with the kids!

Tired gotta go!