Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Will the Dixie Chicks Shut up Already!

I just finished reading the Time interview with the Dixie Chicks. You know, I could really care less what Ms. Maines says about the president. He is irking me a little bit lately too. But what turned me off 3 years ago was what seemed like catering to a crowd to sell more albums and on top of that another celebrity actually thinking I give a shit about their political beliefs. I don't. I don't care what Streisand or Affleck or Clooney or any of these civic minded (ha ha!) individuals has to say in that arena. It is like once they become famous enough, they think the public actually votes based on what they say when in actuality, many people I know do exactly the opposite. What does a comment like "We are ashamed the president is from Texas" or whatever she said have to do with the music they were playing? Nothing because the last time I checked they did not exactly record socially concious songs. I was actually about to buy whatever album was out at that time and then she had to ruin it so all I heard was political crap when I played her music and that is not what I want to do when I listen to my music.

So, if you have not read this article, it is basically a liberal "journalist" (are there really any more of them out there) blathering over how wonderful they are, so anti-establishment, willing to speak their minds. It basically ends up coming across as 3 selfish, patronizing women who apparently are always right. They never make mistakes and everything they say is correct. Maguire not only disses Toby Keith (who they have a sort of feud with) but Reba who I was not aware had made disparaging remarks about the Chicks. Robinson says they ask theirselves now what would Bruce Springsteen do, as far as a talk show, would he do the View? No, so niether are they--ok, being that they have only been popular for about 8 years, I think comparing yourself to Bruce is a bit of a stretch! Oh, and did you know that Ms. Maines skipped school in high school to show that she didn't get caught but all the Spanish kids did so the truancy policy was racist? God, she has been soooooooo active in the immigration debate that it is totally believable that this spoiled little twit skipped school for such a noble cause and not because, you know, she did not want to go! Oh and when the reporter mentioned something about this album might tank, Maines said something to the effect that she was not ready to ride coach again. And they were also having some type of discussion about which one of their nannies were going to get some on tour this summer. Nice classy stuff. I certainly won't be buying this album...and this isn't called censorship Ms. Maines, it is called my freedom to not listen to something I find in poor taste.

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AWG said...

Good post. I am in Oklahoma and just left Alex. LA after six years. I am tired of the big mouths of the Dixie Chicks. Just give us the music already!