Friday, May 12, 2006

Stupid People!

Ok, I have been on the desk since 12:30pm. It is now 1:55pm and I have only had 2 calls both of which were from stupid people. Some guy is stupid because he was very rude from the get go. Instead of politely asking a question he begins with rudly begins a diatribe how he wants to ask a question but on our website when you click on ask a question it goes to a default email which he doesn't have, blah, blah, blah, why can't I request a book if it is in and there is a request item button, bitch, bitch bitchy, blah. Shut up old fart! Maybe if you would have been nice I would have helped you more. Stupid Ass! Then the next lady calls and asks if we have any books on how to make a purse out of a cigar box. Why would you want to do that? Of course, after I said that I seemed to remember some when I was little I think maybe at my Grandmother's house. It is still kind of nasty and trashy. We didn't have any. Go figure.


sassymoll said...

I sympathize with your anger toward stupid people, especially if they're rude as well, but weren't cigar box purses just popular again? I seem to remember seeing some, and they were kinda cute. You didn't actually tell her you thought you might have seen one at your grandmother's house when you were little, did you?? Classic!

mamaof2girls said...

I don't recall seeing any recently and no I didn't tell her that! I thought about that after I got off the phone. I did not see anything in our catalog. I am beginning to think everything the patrons ask for is weird b/c I am tired of dealing with them. Supposedly we had a guy wandering around with a headless barbie doll yesterday. Ah, the freaks!