Friday, June 09, 2006


Finally, this week is over with. Knowing that I only have 5 1/2 weeks left in this dungeon helps to pass the absolutely boring days but the days seem to be dragging on longer and longer. I am about to scream. We have a new weirdo. I have dubbed him the Serial Sleeper. He originally would come in, sit at one of the desks behind the reference desk and read reference books, atlases, know, normal books everyone reads. He would do this ALL DAY LONG!!! I mean really, I think we all know that he was just trying to get out of the hot Louisiana weather. And we do have a lot of people that do that. But this guy is just creepy. He is basically here from 8-5 everyday. Like I said, he started at this desk which we had to pass to go to the bathroom and he would like stare you down as you passed him. He is stinky and I try not to make eye contact with him or even acknowledge his presence.

As he has become more secure in his surrounddings, he has moved into the serials room, started trying to make conversation with the staff etc. He calls the security guard sweetheart which I just find icky beyond belief. He routinely sleeps in the serials room, even going so far as to take off his shoes and socks and get mighty comfy. That is just too nasty and in really poor taste. I mean, how many people would walk into a public building and just take off their shoes and socks and settle in for a nap! I just do not understand how these people's minds work. He also will come in and out of the building for no apparent reason. He will be here for like an hour, walk outside, as if to smoke a cig and then walk back in like 1 1/2 minutes later, definitely not long enough to smoke. I figured out where he was going one day and one of the buildings and grounds guys told me there were some beer cans were back there. Great! He is drunk, that has got to be it. I wish he would just stay away. I am waiting for a full out crazy attack to happen with this guy and we will have to call the cops.

On a lighter note, apparently there was a big brewhaha outside of the capitol building today, lots of cop cars (we are located right in front of the capitol gardens which is in front of the capitol). My source in buidlings and grounds said the cops were attempting to corral a naked guy who was making circles around the aresnal (a museum). Not sure if they caught him, but I can promise you that he was probably one of our patrons! Thank God I am leaving soon!

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