Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Silly Patrons!

We had a pretty nice Memorial Day Weekend. I have decided to give weight watchers another shot and get rid of this extra 10 pounds that seems to have made a comfy home on my body. Emma has a molar coming in so she was a joy and, of course, where would be with the requiste bumping of the head and face continually all weekend. Poor Em, she must have bopped her skull on 4 different occassions. Claire is on the potty training trail so hopefully we will be able to report success in the next few months. She has been asking to go more frequently and even went when we went out to eat for the first time this weekend! It is so funny what can get you excited with kids!

Anyway, so I come out to the desk to weirdo grunting man and Connie Francis, who has thankfully left the building after going on a diatribe about how much paper he has in his apartment and they (who they is I am not quite sure!) told him he had to get rid of some of it and blah, blah, blah! I can stare right at my computer, cause occassionaly I have to work, and he will not shut up! Dear God man, leave me the hell alone!

So the first call I get is someone who needs the number to the Zachary library. The EBR library system feels the need to put their number in the yellow pages and no one has figured that out yet so they call us all day long to get these numbers. Three college degrees and bascially all the phone calls I get are transfers or someone wanting a phone number! Anyway, when one wants a phone number shouldn't one have the proper writing implement in hand to take down said number? Apparently, this would be logical and the people who call are not. They ask for a number and when I begin to read it, "Wait, wait! I need a pen!" Did you not just call me to get a number? Why don't you have a pen???!!! And then a lady coming in wanting a book on travel...and doesn't say anything else. So I ask "what about travel?" And she answers, "You know in Georgia." Ok, if you want travel books on Georgia, why not say "I need travel books on Georgia" and not I need travel books????!!!! Dear God, I need a valium and a drink otherwise there be some serious ass kicking going on! I mean really people, are ya that stupid that your questions can't be formulated in ways that will give you the info that you need and crave??!! Throw me a bone here! And God help me if the nut case that can't control his gas comes in today! He must have farted 4 times when I was on the desk, loud explosive ones. I get off the desk at 2:45 and leave at 4 and in that hour and 15 minutes, he managed to make all 20, 000 sq ft of the first floor smell like total ass!

Calgon take me away!


sassymoll said...

I'm starting to get the feeling that you might not be too sad to leave that paradise when the time comes.

mamaof2girls said...

I have no idea where you got that impression:) I get at leat five weeks off next year, that is in the school year and that is only counting the holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving and not ones where we only get a day off. Whoopee!