Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just Another Lazy Day at the Library!

Well I was hoping to put off posting until I had my second interview, but I went to an interview at a local private school for a librarian position a week ago, was suppose to go back yesterday for the second interview but the asst. principal had to reschedule so I will be going in on Monday morning so everyone pray (or hope or whatever ya'll do!) for me because I REALLY want this job! It is just what I am looking for and I wouldn't have to go through the teaching certification thing. For those of you that don't know, to be a school librarian at one time you had to be a certified teacher and have your MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science). (I know--you did not know you needed a Masters to be a librarian. Correctamundo! If you do not have a MLIS you are a library paraprofessional, not a librarian.) Anyway, the teaching certification is becoming a non-issue and my first interview went so awesome I am really hopeful.

So in other news, we are going mad crazy to get Emma's party together. Yes, our little pixie is going to be one tomorrow. Last year at this time I was calling Mouse crying my eyes out because my Dad had just taken Claire since I was going in the next day for a c-section. And now Claire is talking up a storm and Emma is walking (just started last week!). Of course we had drama yesterday. Claire was standing over Emma who has kneeling down looking up at her big sister and Claire dropped a full 8 ounce bottle of water on Emma's face. The bottle made a perfect cute right along her orbital bone under her eye. I almost had a heart attack. Once she calmed down and the bleeding stopped all I could think about was "crap!" Birthday Party(and a 1st one at that!) and pictures next weekend and she is going to have the biggest bruise on her face or a stitch and the damn party was suppose to be a splash party! Luckily the doctor said it did not need stitches and he just cleaned it real good. She of course was fine after the intial hit and once she calmed down, just wanted to play. She did not like, however, the cleaning of the cut. We had a very mad little baby!

So hopefully, I will have news of my interview and pictures from the party next week.

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Mouse said...

I knew you couldn't keep it in...everything will be wonderful, no worries, don't over-analyze.

Don't worry about Emma, battle scars from battles with water bottles are awesome. That means she's truckin' and can handle her own.

Love you!