Friday, May 12, 2006

Thank God We Have the Flowers!

Ok, so my euphoria over the job has diminished somewhat with the realization that I still have 1-2 months in this hell hole. We have some new patrons that oh, so make my day. Stinky, dirty white guy who basically reads the different atlases and reference books all day (I mean ALL day 8am-5pm), crazy black guy who wanders around the library in search of a paper and pencil but never uses them. I saw him coming in today wearing long pants with a pair of boxers on top of them. Nice and classy. Then there is crazy, stinky black guy who goes into the foyer in front of the conference room on the first floor, spreads out all his papers on the floor like it his own personal workspace and turns on his portable tv to watch the local news. Then another guy who is also carrying every personal paper he owns as well as a large metal stick (I am not asking why he has a large metal stick, and as far as I know it is not a weapon!). So weirdos #1-4 have been accounted for today. I am sure by days end #5-10 will have shown up as well.

I am sure some of you may be perplexed by the title of today's post. Well, I will tell you, it is in reference to my boss- the grinch. I call her this not because she acts like the grinch but rather looks like him. The Dilbert Principle could completely be applied to her--you know "the most ineffective workers are systematically moved to the place where they can do the least damage: management." God, I love Scott Adams!

She is such a dolt! She will sometimes refuse to sit at the reference desk, a gig she only has to take 1-3 times a month when someone is sick or out, because she has SOOOOO MUCH work to do! Whatever. Our department as a whole has way too much busy work. REALLY stupid shit that is so monotonous and time consuming, absolutely unnecessary and boring! I truly don't understand why everyone in the reference department has to go through all of the serial publications which contain bookreviews and everyone looks at the same ones! Why don't you split it up and everyone has a different one to look at. We don't get these journals routed to us until last and by that time we either already have the book or it is on order. Why have I just wasted my time scouring this crap when it has already been purchased!

Anyway, her mountains of work keep her from the desk, but she has time to make flower arragements, while at work, and other decor that goes with the holiday or time of the year at hand. Stranglation would be so easy but I really don't want to go to jail. She is sooooo not worth it!!

Fun weekend ahead--getting the girls pics taken tomorrow, crawfish boil for the twins who are now 21 (how is that possible!) and then steaks for lunch on Mother's Day and crawfish again for dinner! Whoopee! I love me some crawfish! One of the best parts about living in Louisiana is definately the food!

More later.

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