Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Poor Bear Bear!

I had a relaxing Mother's Day until 11:30am. That was when Claire's face morphed into Angelina Jolie's for just a few hours! Jerry was swinging the girls in the double swing which hangs from a branch at his parents house. There was another branch close by that was broken so when he swang them high, the rope for the swing got caught on the broken branch and when it realeased it dropped the girls several feet. Both were screaming hysterically. I ran over and grabbed Emma because Jerry was trying to get both of them out which doesn't work tha well when both are freaked the hell out! Emma calmed down so I went to see about Claire and noticed blood was pouring out of her mouth. Ok freak out time! Her face had apparently hit part of the plastic swing pretty hard and pushed her top teeth into her gums which made them bleed but did nothing to her teeth, thank God! She also bite a hole on the inside of her lower lip. The top one was pretty swollen and bruised but subsided after awhile. Of course the nurse says no salty or citrus foods. We go over to my brother's later and we are having crawfish with lemonade! And she ate them! You would have never thought it, but the 2 1/2 year old LOVES crawfish! I thought it would be to hot, but she begs for it everytime we have some.


sassymoll said...

What a little trouper! Just looking at her poor little lip makes me wince. I know you were freaked out!!

Mouse said...

Poor Claire Bear -- she can handle it though...I saw that little smile. She's tougher than she lets on.