Tuesday, March 07, 2006


So we moved in this weekend. The house is great I just absolutely HATE unpacking. I can't find anything. I can't cook b/c I have no idea where my pots are or any of the plates have gone. Nightmare! I have at least been able to wash one load of clothes and dishes a day which is not bad. Folding the clothes, however, is another story!

The kids love it b/c they can explore through the piles and piles of boxes. We of course don't have there rooms set up yet b/c my dad was painting them but hopefully Jerry can get Emma's bed set up so we can put her in there. She has been sleeping in the pack n play. It will be kind of weird when we do get it set up b/c her room is at the other end of the hall. She is SOOO far away! Oh well!

Emma is just an awesome baby. Doesn't really fuss unless she is hungry or tired. The child had a double ear infection for I don't know how long and I found out b/c I took her to the doctor for a cough! She is just cute as can be, trying to walk but not quite getting that balance yet. Claire is adorable too but man can she throw a tantrum at the drop of a hat! She is at such an interesting age. It is hard for me to believe that 3 years ago I had just found out I was pregnant with her, and now she is walking and talking like it is nothing. I am constantly amazed at how much kids learn in such a short period of time. Now time to tackle the potty! Loads of fun!

I still can't get any pics up. I am more disorganized than normal (which anyone who knows me knows that is really bad!) so bear with me!


sassymoll said...

Congratulations on the house and the move! I also hate moving and can't wait to find a house. We've started looking, so wish us luck.

mitersaw said...

I didn't know you cooked. Sure, an occasional invite for red beans, or green bean casseole, but I though y'all had Chilli's on speed dial.

Claire is at a fun age. I can't wait until she asks you if the scary uncle is coming over.