Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Boredom unfolds!

House is coming along nicely. I was able to unpack several boxes last night and get almost all of the clothes folded! Whoopee for me!

Connie Francis just left and yes once again the most pressing questions on his mind were once again are the babies walking and can he have this paper. I really need to get out of this institution. I call it such because I feel like I am in the insane asylum!

I was on such a tear last night. I was finally able to find my pots (thank God!) and was able to cook and spent the next 5 hours bathing the girls, putting them to sleep, folding clothes and unpacking boxes. And as much as I feel that I got accomplished, the boxes keep coming! Hopefully the kitchen will be done by the end of the week.

Saw the Oscars Sunday and was so happy for Reese. Why is it the media is so insistant that while it was expected that she would win, she shouldn't have gotten it b/c the transgendered person Felicity Huffman played was so much an important role. Last time I checked the award was for the best performance, not who had the most weird, out there character! And God help us, Brokeback Mountain did not win best picture! Who F*%$ing cares?! I have not seen it, but am sure I will eventually. I do not think the filmmakers and actors are going to hell for making it and I don't see anything wrong with a gay love story, but Jesus, it is about the performances not who has the better or most risque storyline!

Hollywood really irritates me sometimes! Go Reese! You did an awesome job, in a great movie and gave a great speech. I saw where some "journalist" said it was "nice" but not spectacular. So I guess b/c she did not kiss Jamie Foxx, leap off of chairs or begin crying hysterically it wasn't a good speech but it was and I think she deserved it.

Anyway, back to "work". Connie Francis has left so I may now go about my business!!!

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