Friday, March 03, 2006


Ok, so most of you know how completly obsessed I get about a person or event after I see a movie or documentary on someone or something. So I rented Walk the Line this week, and now need to know every piece on information about Johnny and June Carter Cash. I bought the Collecter's edition DVD, the soundtrack to the movie and the Essential Johnny Cash cd. I know I am insane, but I really liked the songs in the movie. Some of them I had never heard before, actually I don't remember hearing any of them except maybe Walk the line and Ring of Fire. It was a really awsome movie and I think Joaquin and Reese did awesome jobs as Johnny and June, especially with the singing. Claire watched it with me. She was quite enamoured!

It is just funny watching this and realizing how little I knew about Johnny Cash. I mean, he was making movies and records throughout my childhood but I just never was that interested before, but he really was one of the pioneers of rock and country. You know he the first person to be inducted into the rock and country halls of fame. I think there are a lot of artists now that are considered in both genres, but back then, that was unheard of. I like country music ok, but always love these biopics about country artists. I know I am wierd!

Anyway, I guess I will talk about other stuff. We are suppose to finally close on the house today. Pleas pray for us!!! The kids are getting so big. Claire is looking more and more like a big kid. Her legs are losing the baby fat and getting long and skinny. Emma is figuring out how to open all the cabinet doors. She realized about two weeks ago that the shiny knobs actually open the door and there is so much to play with inside! We had to put a latch under the sink since she began to see the recycle can as her private toy box. And man does she have a temper! Close the door and you would think someone had just smacked her. I am sure in a few short months she will began utilizing her older sister's favorite phrase, "no, no mommy!" Of course this is done with a very pouty face!

As soon as I figure all this HTML crap out I will have a more interesting blog for y'all to examine!

Have a great day!


mariposa said...

Looking forward to discussing the new obsession... now I have to go rent the movie! Thanks!

Mouse said...

I love your little waves you ride on. I still haven't seen the movie but I know I'll love it since I love The Man in Black.

Sidenote: We named the puppy Reese.

mitersaw said...

Reese? Like the candy? The Man In Black is one of the Kings of country, right next to Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Marty Robbins.

sassymoll said...

Also loved Walk the Line and think Joaquin and Reese did great jobs! And I also want to know more about Johnny & June Carter Cash, though I haven't gone to your extremes...