Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Story of Emma Boo and Claire Marie

Kids are so funny. Claire is a parrot right now. She hears it and immediately repeats it. She now thinks Emma's name is actually Emma Boo. Both my mom and myself call Emma that so Claire has joined in. Other variations of her name, according to Claire are m&m and Emma Cake-for those of you that don't know, Emma's full name is Emma Cate but Claire thinks it is Cake. I'll be cooking dinner and I will hear "Emma Boo! Emma Cake! M&M!" She must use every name she knows for you if you are not responding to her. If I don't react immediately, it goes from "Mama! Mommy! Mom! AMANDA!" Talking up a storm!

Emma is crawling around like mad getting into everything. Still not walking, but really has no desire to walk. Would you if you had someone carting you around all the time! She is still an easy baby. Goes down around 6pm, wakes up around 6am. If we could get the other one on schedule now!

Nothing more to report now. Will try and get some pictures up this week.

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