Monday, March 27, 2006

Things I Love about my Kids!

How Emma can get so excited she will just move her head from side to side for several seconds to release some of that energy...When Claire sees a camera she says "Cheese!" but it sounds more like "Chayse!"...When Claire wants something and she must be prompted with "what do you say?" she says "Playse!"...When Claire is so excited about something she scrunches up her shoulder and smiles with those apple cheeks...How Emma laughs in anticipation of the tickle that is coming...When Emma sees her bottle she starts chuckling , "ha, ha ha" like give it to me I cannot wait to taste that yummy formula (I am gagging here!)...When Emma smiles with her sweet apple cheeks and shows those new baby teeth...Emma's crazy crawling at super warp speed...Claire's absolute love of anything to do with the Disney princesses, especially Princess Aurora (that's Sleeping Beauty for those of you that are not Disney aficionados!)...How Claire must dance like Princess Aurora--hands holding her skirt or imaginary skirt if she is wearing shorts...

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