Monday, July 10, 2006

Lesson for the Day...Don't Piss Off the Crazies

I guess based on my previous posts you could assume that I am referring to some of the nutter patrons we get in this joint. But, alas, I would, in this case, be refferring to one of my wonderful co-workers. This chick, is in her 50s, short, fat, loud, obnoxious, has no opinions of her own (they all belong to her husband, the crazy Latin American man), acts like a child basically. Well, typically, as discussions go with her, you have one opinion, she has another, and she will argue her point, typically using old wives tales and logic that has been disproven long ago. I mean centuries people, not years. So I tend to have to stop myself because I will get all worked up about something that she absolutely believes in her small-minded, ignorant head of hers. She has the manners of a genteel southern woman until you piss her off and then the nutter comes out full force. She loves you until this point and then it is all out war.

So a few months back, a few things occurred that irritated me so I complained to her boss, whom I am friends with. The boss is basically trying to make this person quit so is writing her up for everything and she got brought up to the second in commands office for a tongue lashing. Crazy nutter co worker somehow figures out it was me that told on her and just stops talking to me. Then the crazy onslaught begins. She comes over so she can ask me before she leaves what she did that was so horrible that I would have her hauled off to the bosses office. Instead of just playing dumb, I bit. And did I come up with all the logical defenses I had thought up all weekend. No, I became a bubbling, blustering idiot trying to speak over a nutter who kept muttering how nasty I am, she was good for me to take coins and stamps but I am so nasty to have done that to her.

She had to say something now. Why not next Monday when I only had to deal with her with a few more days. Now I have a crazy person telling, probably anyone who will listen to how nasty I am. So in my life, I have few regets, but one of them is not telling the crazy bitch off when she did what she did. I have come away with two bits of knowledge. I should have handled the situation myself, and the bitch is whack!

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