Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Free at Last...Almost!

So it is 8:30am, I am here until 2:45 pm and I am bored out of my freakin skull. Nothing to do except look up a subject request for a prisoner that doesn't know how to write sentences. "Book about wilderness area of information on the blank mts. located somewhere in the Rockies cabin is the home to wild horses----WTF*#$!!! Of course, it can't be easy. My last one! Why God Why! That is the actual requests with the punctuation that this individual put in! I guess I shouldn't be so mean. He is in prison and not just any prison, The Farm, but ignorance just drives insane. When you are obviously intelligent enough to speak why can't you learn, not just learn but want to learn. Do you not care that you sound like a moron? Or look like one. I am sorry I don't get the whole pants around the knees thing. Some cop told me it was originally a sign that you had been in prison, I forget what the logic was but it made since. Now, just a lovely fashion statement for all of us to partake!

Oh well, I guess I should work on this request before I jet!

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sassymoll said...

That's what I heard -- the sagging pants mimics those in prison, because they can't have belts in prison so their pants sag. That's the story, anyway. Great look! And great image to emulate! Congrats on your last day!!