Wednesday, July 12, 2006

6 Days and Counting....

I am very excited that a week from today, I will be up here on the reference desk, knowing that in a few short hours I will be sailing off into the sunset and away from this godforsaken crazy place. Sure I will be dealing with 970 pubescent boys in my new position, but being that most of them will be clean and polite (I hope!) and free from serious mental defect (i.e. the crazy nutter co-worker, serial sleeper, la pedamain) I will gladly take it! I am sick to death of this place and the irritating patrons. I am sorry but I actually got a caller the other day that wanted me to list the seven dwarfs. Apparently she kept forgetting Bashful, easy to do! That is not as bad as the lady who I swear, sounds sooo normal and then wants the mailing address, phone number, email for like 20 people...and she calls like once a day. We have all had to deal with her. And it is not like it is people that actually have their contact information listed. A lot of them don't and she just can't understand why you can't find an email address for Rupert Murdoch! I am serious. This is the type of info she wants. She is a sane sounding nutter and is driving me batty.

Anyway, life is good today, sort of. I really wish we could have gone to Tennessee with the rest of Jerry's family. I don't think we have been on a real vacation since 2002 when we went to CO. Hopefully we will be able to start going on more. We won a cruise so will be going on that in Nov.

Crazy nutter co-worker is out today, Whoo, Hoo! She is making me paranoid but I talked to a few of my other co-workers and we agree, she is really looney so I felt better about it. Arguing with a crazy person is not good for my immune system. Right now, I have 3 ulcers on my tongue, one under my tongue, one forming in the back of my mouth where the last one there just went away last week, and a huge one on the inside of my upper lip. It was smaller until my Sweet Em thought it would be funny to fall on me and kneed me right in the ulcer. Just so everyone knows, that causes said ulcer to bleed profusely and causes enormous amounts of pain. So Monday I looked like someone had punched me. I actually looked like I got a toned down version of Angelina Jolie's lips...interesting.

So that is all for now, I have wasted about 15 minutes and will now read some more of my pooh book. I should be getting the new Kathy Reichs and Janet Evanovich books in the mail today, Whoo Hoo!

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sassymoll said...

I know what you mean about the ulcers, I get stuff like that when I'm stressed, too. Poor Amanda!