Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just Some Rambling Thoughts...

I am just sitting her, reading one of my favorite blogs and I look over so see if she has one of my other favorite blogs listed under her "Bloggers I Adore" header and see mine! I feel so giddy to know that the Happy Villian, my blogging idol has a link to my blog on hers, how cool is that! Ok, probably only cool to the dorky other librarian types who read her blog religiously, but it is an excellent blog so everyone go read hers

So something that has me a bit perterbed in the news right now is the arrests of the doctor and two nurses from Memorial Hospital in New Orleans. I know, I don't have all the facts; the patients had both a sedative and morphine in their blood that supposedly means that they were killed on purpose, the doc wasn't their doc and theses were critical patients. But something just doesn't sit right with me. I can't place it but I really think these are trumped up charges; that people are pissed because so many patients died and they needed to blame someone. Foti is coming off like an ignorant redneck asshole. I'll tell you who to blame: our glorious governor (Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Jindal!), the idiots who run the Department of Transportation and Development and the Department of Health and Hospitals and the Mr. Chocolate City himself. I liked Nagin before all this crap. He was nobody's lackey as he proved during the governor's election when he backed Jindal. The democrats threatened to freeze him out if he did not support Blanco. That pissed him off, he backed Jindal. Then he lost it after Katrina. I really did not lose faith in him until his stupid chocolate city remarks. My husband's family is from New Orleans, my father's family is from New Orleans; we have roots there and for him to say something as ignorant as that is offensive. Dumbass! But, as usual in Louisiana politics, when you have the choice between two evils, the lesser is the one whose family is not a political dynasty!

Anyway, as everyone can tell, the fault was everyone's. This outcome was continually spoken about since i was a child. People became complacent because every year we were told it could happen, and every year the hurricane went somewhere else. It is really sad. New Orleans is ingrained in me. I never lived there; Baton ROuge is my home but it's history is so vibrant and rich. It hits you as soon as you walk down Canal, or throught the Quater; go to the French Market or walk along the levee. I miss it, and hope the despair might soon be lifted.

Ok, just a rant. TWEVLE MINUTES UNTIL FREEDOM!!! WHOOPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Magnoire La Chouette said...

Congrats!! You're an official Library Blogger!!!!
I'm so proud (sniff)
Miss ya!!