Monday, September 08, 2008

Ok, Everything Back to normal...Almost!

So we got power back on Friday evening, thank God b/c it was miserable yesterday! High was in the mid 90s! As you could tell by the previous post, I was a bit aggravated! I had gone to Lafayette with the kids, mainly b/c there wasn't much I could do here! We had no damage, just debris in the yard, I was sick and the kids were going stir crazy! We had no indication when the power was going to come back on, they kept giving us a REALLY long estimate and I couldn't get cell service to save my life!!! Forget calls coming or going! It would go straight to voicemail and I couldn't access my voicemail because I couldn't call my own number much less anyone else's! I could only text and even that took about 4 times before it would go through! So needless to say, I was a bit frustrated and the kids were driving me crazy if y'all can believe that!

So this weekend was fairly normal except 50% of the city STILL doesn't have power! We had an abbreviated mass yesterday b/c the church had no power, which apparently, many of the churches still didn't have it! We don't know when the kids are going back to school b/c there is still no power! The Catholic schools are meeting today to decide what to do. The public schools are out until next Monday. What sucks is that we have to make it all up!!! It sucks:( Claire is actually at an age where she enjoys school (although she hasn't asked about it!) and this would happen right now! And here comes Ike!!! I am seriously praying that he goes to Texas! Sorry Comeaux family! I can't handle another storm!!


megan said...

Yea. Thanks for the Texas wish:-)

mamaof2girls said...

Sorry! I was going nuts last week! It looks like it will hit south of y'all so all is good!