Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane funny...

Ok, no! We all know by now that they are not funny, but this is HILARIOUS! Last night a guy on the weather channel was talking about this guy in Surfside Beach (population 805) that decidied to stay and called it stupid b/c all the houses were on stilts and he was facing certain death. The guy survived. Here is a snippet from the AP about him.

"In Surfside Beach, retired carpenter and former Marine Ray Wilkinson became something of a celebrity for a day: He was the lone resident in the town of 805 to defy the order to leave. Authorities found him Saturday morning, drunk.

"I consider myself to be stupid," Wilkinson, 67, said through a thick, tobacco-stained beard. "I'm just tired of running from these things. If it's going to get you, it's going to get you."

He added: "I didn't say I had all my marbles, OK?"

A man after my own heart! Ah, Ray! Where is my drink please?


Jenn_N_Luc said...

HA! I read this article too. Too funny.

megan said...

Never fails...major catastrophe and they find the dumbest person around to interview for nation wide reports.