Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Orleans is Safe...Whoop Dee Doo!!!

I hope my level of sarcasm is evident because that is all the national media seems to have gotten from the f'ing storm. How about this-the majority of Southern Louisiana doesn't have power. This is the worst storm East Baton Rouge Parish has had at least since Betsy and all the national media has to talk about- how great Sarah Palin's speech was. Well, sorry, I missed that SINCE I HAVEN'T HAD POWER SINCE 10:19AM MONDAY MORNING!!!!!! I don't give a shit about Sarah Palin, John McCain or Barack Obama. I don't care about how sexist the media is being towards Mrs.Palin, how great it was for Beyonce to gain 20 lbs for a movie role...I DON"T HAVE POWER and the it sucks!!! It slammed us hard but it is just wonderful how the levees held isn't it? Whatever. The media is so sensationalistic now, I am not surprised they have moved on. Who wouldn't? It is really not that interesting now, is it?

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