Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It is the end of the world...

Ha! Sort of! Well, unlike what you may have learned from the national media, BR got HAMMERED by this storm!!! We are like way inland, not on the coast, and got completely pummeled by this storm. 100 mph winds, INSANITY! My in-laws house, which weathered Katrina just fine, had 6 trees down in their yard!! Several bounced off the house, one landed on it. Needless to say they will have some major reconstuction to deal with. We were very luckly, however, NO power!!! And they say 1/2 the city will be out of power for 3-4 WEEKS!!! We are out of school till Monday and I went to Lafayette, which if you know South LA, you know that is amusing b/c they are closer that we are to the gulf but have power! Anyway, just wanted to update y'all and let y'all know it is real bad down here but we are all ok!


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