Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rest in Peace Riley...

Have y'all seen the case of Baby Grace out of Galveston? The body of a 2-3 year old child washed ashore inside a storage bin at the end of October. The police dubbed her Baby Grace b/c they did not know here identity and being that it came ashore in Galveston, God only knows where the body came from. Well the police publicized a sketch of the precious one, and a woman in Ohio contacted them and said it looked like her 2 year old granddaughter she had not seen since June when her mother had moved to Texas to marry some guy down there. The couple told the police that a social worker from Ohio had come in July and taken the child. After seeing a picture of the girl, the police are positive it is the girl, the mother and stepfather have been arrested and admitted to killing the child in July.

This girl is, sorry, was sooooo beautiful! It breaks my heart to read about this because I do NOT understand how someone could be that cruel to a child! The woman should be thrown in jail for what she has put this child through. The girl's name is Riley Sawyers. They basically beat her over a 6 hour period and when the mother wanted to call an ambulance the husband wouldn't let her b/c they would get in trouble. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO A CHILD!!!!????? She was around Pixie's age and I just look at my Pixie and can't imagine ever having so much rage in me to hurt her or let anyone else hurt her in such a manor!

Rest in Peace little Riley. At least you are no longer in pain!


mariposa said...

I saw that! Terrible - she was finally beaten to death for not saying please. I just can't even bear to think how those thoughts could enter anyone's mind - just horrible.

MeMe said...

Over 6+ hours - how can a mom do that? I would hate to be on that jury!! Not the part of finding them guilty but the part of hearing the details.

johnsmith said...

It is a painful news. Horrible to hear. Really, How they can do this her? Being a mother, she is doing this! Beating for 6 Hrs.She is not fit for being a human being especially a Woman.

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