Friday, November 16, 2007


Ok, I am going to complain about ebay just a bit. Well not really ebay, but the MORONS who use it specifically, the IDIOTS who are bidding. Let me explain something to the before mentioned ignoramouses. Don't bid high on something until the LAST SECOND!!! The rest of us are tired of seeing a resonably priced item go out of the roof because some IDIOT is willing to pay $100 dollars (not including shipping) for a GD princess dress that costs you probably $50 in the store!!!!!!!! This is only ok if you live in BFE or someplace else WHERE THERE IS NO DISNEY STORE!!!! NOT CLEVELAND!!!! I just want this damn Jasmine dress for Bear and people keep bidding ridiculous amounts of money for it!!


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mariposa said...

If people are bidding so high - is it now a "hot" commodity?????