Tuesday, August 05, 2008


So I am bad about keeping up with this, partly b/c I usually can't get on the computer without someone yelling about playing pbskids.org or noggin.com (that is exactly what she says, not noggin or pbs kids!) and partly b/c I just am not sure anyone is all that interested in the hum drum existence of our lives!

So I guess I will just ramble. Bear and Pixie finished swim lessons and did awesome. I just wish we could afford to put Bear in craw biters in August. That is a year round swim class for the little ones. I think she would do awesome in it, but unless we sell the house, it won't be possible to do it right now so maybe next year.

On to the job drama. So one of the first year teachers went to administration last year when she found out my co-worker was leaving. SHE CAME TO THEM!!! She wanted to work in the library. She had one class left for her certification (but not her masters), blah blah blah. She quit Thursday! Thursday of last week when we are suppose to start THIS Thursday. Luckily, we found 2 highly qualified people who we interviewed yesterday and were able to choose one of them. She is my age with a 9 year old son and seems very nice.

So today I went to the store (unfortunately I have neither the money nor the calories to purchase beer, but man do I want some! Just finished baking 2 batches of brownies for a function at Bear's school tomorrow. She starts Monday, OMG a school age child!

Anyway, I am trying to watch a movie before the kiddos wake up from their nap.


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