Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bear's a Big Girl Now!!!

So Bear started big girl school yesterday and had a great time. Her teacher sent a note home saying she had a great day and you ask Bear and she says it was fun, she has a new friend Kourtni she had lunch but she can't remember any specifics! I need to bring a video camera in her book sack, I swear. I will upload more pics later, but here is one at home. She was SUPER excited...and now has to go to little girl school for a day before she goes back! And I did not cry!!! I was so proud od myself!



MeMe said...

SHe looks super cute in her outfit! I am glad bear had a good day!

Mouse said...

She's such a big girl now!
I'm so excited she's starting school!!!

Jenn_N_Luc said...

Look how sweet she looks in her uniform! I'm so proud that you didn't cry. Mom's a big girl too! :-)

mariposa said...

Too cute - she looks super happy!