Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well, I guess I should update the blog since it has been 2 months since I did it last! The big thing that has happened is that we sold the house! Yay!! But Had to take a loss! Boo!! I'm just ready to be done with the whole thing. The packing is slow going. It is hard to try and decide what to pack when you are not moving directly into your new home! Plus I ran out of packing materials, so I couldn't finish the kitchen. But tonight, I am bringing a whole bunch of old newspapers home from work so I should be able to finish the kitchen, save for the food, and move into the dining room. The goal is to have everything packed and stacked in the garage by March 21st so that we can have a bunch of friends come and help us and get everything moved in like 3-4 big trips. We close on the 27th. The bad thing that happened was when they did the inspection, they found "multiple issues" with one of our AC units. We have 2, one was replaced last Easter and the other one went kaput last week. Of course, this is our luck so the damn thing couldn't wait until AFTER we signed the papers to break. So we basically HAD to sell it and take some off the price, otherwise we would have to dish out $3000 to buy a new AC!! Why are the gods INTENT on making my life miserable!!
Anyway, so basically just packing and dealing with sick babies!!Em has had one thing after another since January! First an ear infection, then the puking bug, then she was just REAL lethargic for a few days. Then she gets fever last week, the coughing started Saturday, Tuesday she complained about her ear hurting again, so I went ahead and took her in. She now has an infection in the OTHER ear, the first one is fine. Plus the dr said she had a wheezy cough so she is taking Zertac, some antibiotic that I can't pronounce so the name escapes me (I think it is ceszophil?) and an inhaler. The inhaler is the funniest thing, she loves it. How I go from Claire who absolutley DETESTS medication, to Em who requests it regularly, I have no idea!

That's it for now!

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Anonymous said...

It's too funny - Zyrtec has made this winter WONDERFUL with Tommy! It's the first year we haven't had to do breathing treatments and have the croupy cough.

That is great news on the house too - it does suck to dish out a bit more but I think in the long run it is in line with the goals y'all establishing. Focus on your future positive goals you want! It's the happy place to be!