Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not much...

Well, It has been over a month since I had anything to say. I usually just go to facebook; it doesn't take as long to put a status up! Christmas was nice, but as always, not relaxing! Too many places to go. I just one year everyone would come to us! The girls got their bikes which they were happy about until Bear realized Pixie's bike had a box with 3 buttons that played different songs. Of course, she then started crying! Jerry attempted to teach Claire how to ride a two wheeler. It was comical let me tell you! She is just not interested in doing it and the way he was trying to show her made ME confused so I can only imagine what it did to her!

Today, I am way tired. I am so tired when I get home, but by the time I go to lay down, I am wired can't fall asleep til after midnight and then one of the kids wake me up! Damn! I thought about getting a massage or my hair colored this weekend but I just want to sleep in! You know till six!

I got an ipod nano for my birthday so I have been playing with that and i love it! So does Bear so I guess that will be her birthday present next year. Maybe something more like a shuffle. She is starting to notice her friends that have their ears pierced but I told her not until she is 6 and that is if she remembers! She doesn't mention it that often so I may be able to wait a bit longer.

5 weeks until Mardi Gras!!! 17 weeks until schools out!! That is too far! Of course Easter is sandwiched in there so it will make it bearable!


MeMe said...

We got the kids cheap mp3 players ($15) for christmas and idogs as the speakers and they love them.
Hope you are feeling better = rest is good!

Anonymous said...

Glad all is well - I think it's just getting back into the routine of back to school and having to do stuff again. We are all wiped out. My focus is on going to bed on time... ha ha ha.. or at least trying! Good luck!