Sunday, May 18, 2008


Lord, I AM TIRED! 4 more days of school, and luckily they are exam days which means goin home at noon baby...and studying for my class/workshop next week! I will be officialy jobless for the summer May 31st so I will be looking forward to sleeping till 7 am, that is mostly what I will be looking forward to! I also need to find some cool, FREE things to do with the kids this summer so I guess I will be all over brec and some mom sites to see what is going on! We are so broke and we have two trips to go on this summer, God help me, I am not sure how we will pay for it.

SO quick update, Pixie's party was a success. I went overboard as usual, spent way too much but the kids had fun! Have not gotten my scores back yet for the certification test. Have another week to wait on that. Dam! Kiddos just woke up from their nap and are fighting, gotta go! Oh, and I have no pics of the birthday girl due to the fact that our digital is caput! Will put some up when I send my film to snapfish!

Peace out!

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Jenn_N_Luc said...

Film?? What's that!? :-) If you get REALLY bored this can always come visit me!! I'll be HERE! :-) Enjoy your last week!