Thursday, May 10, 2007

Things to Ponder...

-that saying that says we spend the two years of our children's lives teaching them towalk and talk and the next 16 to sit down and shut up---SO F'ING TRUE!

-my child can understand more than I I probably should shut up!


-I suck at this motherhood thing!

-I would KICK ASS as a history teacher!

-I hate my computer!

-Why people are still so damned ignorant!

-I need to make more money!

I will post more as they come into my discombobulated mind!


mariposa said...

So why don't you become a history teacher? You really do love it the most! All those people and dates - I'd fall asleep in your class but you really do enjoy it.

Circular Accessories said...

He he he, I'm tagging you. The rules are in my latest post
Have fun!

Magnoire said...

DANG! Sure you don't want to come back to SLL? Donna's old job is still open...