Wednesday, March 07, 2007


No not about my job for once, just about stupid people in general. I was looking at a blog that is suppose to be good for reviewing kid lit and the first thing they are talking about is the book Jenna Bush is writing. Why is it ok to bash someone who is only famous because of her parents? The only thing that I have ever heard about the Bush twins is the underage drinking stories. I am sorry. Even underprivilege kids do that! Big woop! But to basically make fun of someone because who their father is, in my mind, is cruel and just plain rude. She was born into money (not her choice), she was born to a doofus (not her choice), and she was thrust into the public eye (not her choice). So what exactly has she done to warrant people making fun of her or her intellect. Seriously, could someone tell me if there is a story about her where she appears to be really stupid. The media always portrays her as the dumb one and Barbara as the smart one but I don't know why.

And why is it that the liberals are always the first to yell at the rich for not doing enough but when they do stuff, unless they are in Hollywood, it is made fun of? She is working as an unpaid ambassador to UNICEF in Panama. What more does she need to do? Shave her head and move to a third world country that needs aid? I am just saying to give the girl a break.

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Magnoire La Chouette said...

Amen, Sister!!!